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"Joanna’s vision for balanced, happy and connected families is exactly what she delivers. I highly recommend working with Joanna!"

- Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke
American Aristocrat & London’s Top Yoga Teacher

Why Are You Accepting Burnout?

90% of the thousands of Mothers I have worked with all over the world from New York, Boston, London and as far as Bali have experienced or are experiencing some variation of burnout and the coronavirus has only put a spotlight on this and will continue too.  

Burnout is not a geographical phenomenon, it’s global and something I cover widely in my best selling book - “Find Your Mama Groove”. 

Here's The Problem

So...are you feeling physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion from the constant busynes of motherhood, the constant pressure of pleasing others, the constant sapping of doing, helping, fixing, and saving the day for the ones you love?! 

This all leads to a feeling of exhaustion. 

An exhaustion that stems from trying to be all the things – except the REAL you.

Perhaps you know the feeling? 

Your spark is out. 

Your energy is zapped. 

Your motivation levels are depleted. 

You feel unaccomplished, even though you’ve completed a million tasks throughout the day. 

You’ve lost touch with who you are. 

You are stuck in the day-to-day motions and simply put - you don’t know how to get out of this hamster wheel you’re on but you would give anything for someone to swoop in to save the day, to save you.

And Here's The Truth

The harsh reality is - the only way you will cure yourself of burnout is by taking full responsibility for your life and family.

I've Got You Covered

The good news is that you don’t have to postpone your health and happiness any longer and put up with burnout because I’ve created, and am offering you my 14 day guided programme called Burnout To Balance. 

For 14 days I’ll need just 10 to 15 minutes of you time so that you can: 

- Unlock the causes of your unhappiness
- Discover how your mistakenly draining your energy levels
- And...Gain the tools to connect with you partner and kids on a much deeper level

We go through each one of these, by examining where the imbalances are popping up in your life and giving you simple, yet effective exercises to create a life balance - a life that makes life feel easier and more fun. 

In addition to the coaching I will lead you through:
10x Balancing exercises 
- 7x Journaling exercises 
- 5x Yoga sequences 
- 3x Mediation practices 
3x Breathwork exercises 

All of which will increase clarity, increase energy and have you feeling considerably different about yourself and subsequently your family.

I Know It Works!

My approach to supporting moms fuses western practices and eastern coaching - and IT WORKS! 

It leads to results. 

Transformational results. 

I know it works because I have witnessed this transformation in the thousands of clients I’ve worked with all over the world. 

Come and Join In!

So, what are you waiting for?! 

Click on the links for access to this 14 day programme that will shift your life from burnout to balance for good. 

Want Access To The Family Balance Method? 

Here's What You'll Get:

1. 19x Coaching Videos ($197 Value)
2. ​7x Journal Exercises ($47 Value)
3. ​6x Balancing Exercises ($47 Value)
4. ​5x Yoga Flows ($57 Value)
5. ​3x Meditations ($27 Value)
6. ​3x Breathing Exercise ($27 Value)
7. ​1x Tree Planted (Priceless!)




***This Price Is Not Going To Be Available Again***
“Jo is an Angel. She has a unique ability to hold an incredible space for mothers to explore themselves. I cannot recommend her highly enough. x” 

- Madeleine Shaw
Entrepreneur & Wellness Influencer

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