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"Joanna’s vision for healthier, happier and more connected families is exactly what she delivers. I highly recommend working with Joanna!"

- Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke
American Aristocrat & London’s Top Yoga Teacher

The Family Balance Method™

Currently, there are approximately 1.43 billion human mothers on earth and there isn’t a mother on earth right now that is not feeling the effects of Coronavirus. 

1.43 Billion

But even before Coronavirus hit us and turned our lives, as we know them upside down, there were 1.43 billion mothers out there, in the same boat, trying to find their flow, or as I like to say - their groove. 

I found the scale of the problem so fascinating that I even wrote a book on the matter - “Find Your Mama Groove” - which hit bestseller on Amazon in 2020. 

Mama’s come to me with the following specific problems….

They feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a mother.

They feel exhausted a lot of the time.

They are worried about the behavior of their children. 

They wish their partner was more of a teammate. 

They love their partner but no longer feel in-love with them.

They don’t feel listened too by their children and/ or partner.

And their home feels more chaotic than calm. 

The problem can be summed up in one word: burnout. 

You Are The Solution

But, truth be told, the solution to the burnout lies within you and is about you regaining or finding your balance. 

Your ability to orchestrate balance within yourself and your family is the cornerstone of living your best life. 

Yet, most mothers find creating and maintaining that balance really, stinking hard. 

Without balance we burn ourselves out, and a burnt-out mama – no matter how hard she tries – cannot fully support herself or her family. 

Which is exactly why I created The Family Balance Method™ - a 90 day guided course.

The Family Balance Method™ is for every mother who is feeling burnt-out and is having difficulty balancing what life has to throw at them. 

The Family Balance Method™ is a simple 5-step program that gives you permission to dig deep, to laugh, to stretch, to cry, to release and to build a life you’re proud of - all while holding you accountable to reach beyond whatever you previously thought possible for you and your family. 

Within The Family Balance Method™ I will be sharing my unique blend of coaching through yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, energising balancing exercises, traditional family counselling as well as offering you fun activities that will bring you into balance and consequently - bring the whole family together. 

This program is going to provide you with the self-belief, head space, and support you need to turn your life around.

I am going to teach you a new way of connecting with yourself and your family and all you have to do is follow the day by day model with simple, practical exercises. 

This program is designed to boost your confidence as a mother, while giving you increased energy and renewed passion for life. 

I want you to know you are not alone. 

In fact, there is a whole community of Mamas waiting to support you alongside me. 
If that’s not enough to have you signing up immediately then try this - what makes my programme different from any you have tried before is that I combine Western counseling with Eastern science. 

The Family Balance Method™ is based on the Five Elements Theory. 

The Five Elements are: metal, water, fire, wood, and earth, and are the building blocks of the body and of the universe, and as I see it, of the family too. 

The Five Elements are changing, moving, waning, and expanding all of the time – much like the dynamics of a family. 

The most important aspect of my methodology is balance – because it is only when the Five Elements are in balance that a person, the universe, or a family for that matter, can feel balanced, happy and connected.

12 Weeks

So - together we will explore in detail:

 - The roadblocks that are holding you back from experiencing balance 

- Why each element is critical to you and your family’s happiness. 
- Pinpoint the most common imbalances associated with each element and how they are 
showing up in yours and your family's life.  

- And practice, simple, effective exercises to overcome each imbalance, fast. 

There will be over 100 dedicated coaching videos as well as over 100 exercises to complete including:

- Balancing Practices

- Meditations 

- Journal Practices


- Breathwork practices - all curated to align with each element.

Simply put - there is no other programme out there that offers this technique.

...And That's Not All

In addition to the daily video’s, you are going to have access to 10 yoga sequences that I have exclusively curated as well.

And…. for accountability and support, there is a private facebook group with fellow family balance method Mama Groovers who are all aligned in the intention of creating more balance and happiness too. 

In this group - I do weekly live Q&A’s, as well as exclusive seminars and interviews with other renowned experts. 

I am confident my methodology works because of the dramatic transformation I have witnessed in the 1600 families I have worked with globally - and I trust it will work for you too. 

And Finally! As a gesture to Mother Earth and to signify your rebirth we will plant 10 new trees with our partners "One Tree Planted".

In total I value this all at well over $3,000 but I'm offering applicants for JUST $397.

So what's next...

This price will continue to go up to $997 - so if you feel aligned with me and my vision for you and your family please don’t delay in signing up and joining in by clicking on the links!

I can’t wait to get to know you and I’ll see you inside!
“Jo is an Angel. She has a unique ability to hold an incredible space for mothers to explore themselves. I cannot recommend her highly enough. x” 

- Madeleine Shaw
Entrepreneur & Wellness Influencer

Sign Up and Plant 10 New Trees!

We do this for two reasons:

1. As part of our commitment to the UN Global Goal 13

2. To signify you creating a new life! 

Let's create a positive legacy - together.

Want Access To The Family Balance Method? 

Here's What You'll Get:

Section 1: Metal / Home Element ($297 value)
​Section 2: Water / You Element   ($297 value)
Section 3: ​Fire / Partnership Element  ($297 value)
​Section 4: Earth / Kids Element  ($297 value)
Section 5: Wood / Family Element​  ($297 value)

BONUS 1: Burnout To Balance ($427 value)
BONUS 2: 10x Exclusive Yoga Flows for Busy Moms ($97 Value)
BONUS 3: Exclusive Facebook Group Access ($497++ value)
BONUS 4: Planting 10 New Trees (PRICELESS!) 




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