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"Joanna’s vision for balanced, happy and connected families is exactly what she delivers. I highly recommend working with Joanna!"

- Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke
American Aristocrat & London’s Top Yoga Teacher

The Family Balance Method

Do you feel burnt out by the constant demands of motherhood and want family life to be a lot easier and more fun for everybody. 

If yes, then please listen up! 

I’m Joanna Hunt. Conscious Family Coach and Author of “Find Your Mama Groove”!

I’m talking to you if you are constantly battling a mom to-do list and never have any time or energy left for yourself after looking after everyone else.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a mother?

Does your home feel more chaotic than calm?

Do you wish your partner was more of a loving teammate?

Are you worried about the behavior of your child?

Do you feel like your family just don’t listen?
If you answered “yes” to many of these questions, then please know that you are not alone.

You see I’ve spent the last ten years helping mamas just like you to get their groove back, relight their spark, boost their energy and start having a lot more fun.

My book - “Find Your Mama Groove” outlines my coaching methodology of how I support moms deal with burnout head on by finding their balance and subsequently their family’s balance. 

It’s called the Family Balance Method. 

The Family Balance Method is a simple, effective 5-step program created for the busiest of moms. 

It combines everything I’ve learned working as a traditional counselor, yoga teacher, student of yoga therapeutics, and mother.  

The Family Balance Method will help you find your Mama Groove. What do I mean by that? 

Every mom has a special and unique song in her heart, a way of being a mama that just works for her. 

Do you know what yours is? 

Most of us are so busy trying to live up to other people’s ideals of motherhood that we become disconnected with our own unique approach. 

We put pressure on ourselves to be just like “perfect” moms and drown out our own style.
Well mama, it’s time to get in touch with your spirit so that you can hear that sweet song and get your groove on to it. 

That groove is sparkling gold dust. 

That groove will transform your life.
I will teach you how to find your Mama Groove by walking you through the 5 simple and effective steps of The Family Balance Method. 

It will improve your confidence as a mom, connection with your partner and kids, and ultimately create more happiness in your family.
I offer it to you whether you are feeling completely burnt out or simply thinking about making life changes, actively addressing your wellbeing, or are deeply committed to the path of conscious parenting. 

My program will give you:
Guidance – The Family Balance Method teach you a new way of connecting with your family by following an easy model you can rely on with simple practical exercises.

Self-belief – It will boost confidence in your ability as a mother.

A bit of head space – It will provide you with specifically designed exercises to help you discover support, harmony, and balance within your life, family, and home.

Support – This program will also connect you to a wonderful community of like-minded women that you can access through my private facebook group. 

My methodology is based on the Five Elements Theory which are the building blocks of the body and of the universe, and as I see it, of the family too. 

The Five Elements Theory is an ancient science that has brought an abundance of healing to millions of people for thousands of years. 

It may be new to you, but it is far from new. It’s timeless. It’s profound. And, it works. 

So...we are going to explore the following:

- The exact roadblocks that are holding you back from experiencing balance.

- Why each element is critical to you and your family’s happiness.  

- Pinpoint the most common imbalances associated with each element and how they are showing up in yours and your family’s life.  

- And practice simple, effective exercises to overcome each imbalance, fast. 

I am also going to give you over 100 dedicated coaching videos including:

- Balancing Practices
- Yoga Sequences 
- Meditations 
- Journal Prompts
- Breathwork practices 

...all curated to align with each element.

Simply put - there is no other program out there that offers this technique and can give such a huge amount of personalized and family-based coaching. 

I am confident my methodology works because of the dramatic transformation I have witnessed in thousands of families I have worked with globally - and I absolutely trust it can work for you too. 

There are NO time restrictions so you take things at your own pace - you are in total control. 

However, for accountability and support, there is a private Facebook group with fellow family balance method Mama Groovers who have committed to the program and are all aligned in the intention of creating more balance, happiness and connection in their lives too. 

In this group - I do weekly live Q&A’s, as well as exclusive seminars and interviews with renowned experts. 

These support sessions will be exclusive to the group. 

I’m also going to send you a digital copy of my book “find your mama groove” where I have documented the Family Balance Method. 

The next part is a bonus just for you and is a bonus that will not be available for too much longer and that’s a 1-2-1 coaching session with me so we can really get to know each other and get you set up for maximum success within the program. 

And finally, to solidify your legacy of committing to a new start, we will plant not one but TEN trees - so you will literally be breathing new life into the universe! 

So…. just as a recap - I am going to give you:

- Over 100 coaching sessions

- A copy of my book - "Find Your Mama Groove" 

- Access to our amazing exclusive Facebook community 

- A 1-2-1 Coaching Session With You and Me

- and Ten new trees! 

This offer is only for the next 20 sign ups and so is the price…... so a little more on that. 

We will start when the kids have all gone back to school on the Autumn Equinox which is the 22nd September, and whilst I value the course at well over $2,000, I want to make it accessible to as many moms as possible.

 Now having said that in order to give you the level of service you may expect to gain significant results there needs to be a reasonable exchange. 

So for the first 20 sign-ups I’m offering this program at $397 upfront or over 3 monthly payments starting with just $137 today!  

This is the only time I am going to be able to offer this program at this price so if you are interested and you feel aligned with me and my vision for you and your family, please don’t delay in signing up and joining me by clicking on the links! 

So that just leaves me to say - I can’t wait to get to know you and see your life transform.
“Jo is an Angel. She has a unique ability to hold an incredible space for mothers to explore themselves. I cannot recommend her highly enough. x” 

- Madeleine Shaw
Entrepreneur & Wellness Influencer

Sign Up and Plant 10 New Trees!

We do this for two reasons:

1. As part of our commitment to the UN Global Goal 13

2. To signify you creating a new life! 

Let's create a positive legacy - together.

Want Access To The Family Balance Method? 

Here's What You'll Get:

Section 1: Metal / Home Element ($299 value)
​Section 2: Water / You Element   ($299 value)
Section 3: ​Fire / Partnership Element  ($299 value)
​Section 4: Earth / Kids Element  ($299 value)
Section 5: Wood / Family Element​  ($299 value)

BONUS 1: Copy of "The Family Balance Method" (July 2020) ($19 value)
BONUS 2: Exclusive Facebook Group Access ($497++ value)
BONUS 3: Coaching Call with Joanna Hunt ($297 value) 
BONUS 4: Planting 10 New Trees (PRICELESS!) 




Or 3 Monthly Payments of: $137

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